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Mark Steiner & His Problems

"BLACK HOLE" LP (Limited edition CD available)

(Rabben Records, Norway, January 2024 • RABB011)

Mark Steiner & His Problems

"HANG ON! (Twin Flames)" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, October 2023 • RABB010)


Ingunn Holmen & Mark Steiner feat. Pavel Cingl

"Twin Flames (Celestial version)" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, August 2023 • RABB009)

KG Stave featuring Mark Steiner

"World's Gone Mad" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, June 2023 • RABB008)

Ingunn Holmen & Mark Steiner feat. Pavel Cingl

"Black Hole (Nebula version)" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, June 2023 • RABB007)

Mark Steiner & His Problems
"Black Hole" (Oblivion mix) digital single
(Rabben Records, Norway, May 2023 • RABB006)

from UKR2022: War Relief Compilation
(Hærverk Industrier, Norway, April 2022)

Mark Steiner & His Problems
"Syn" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, March 2022 • RABB005)

Mark Steiner featuring Fríða Árnadóttir

"Nísj" digital single (new Icelandic language version)

(Rabben Records, Norway, January 2020 • RABB004)

Mark Steiner & His Problems

"The Fuck-Up" & "Love Hate Love" digital singles

"The 8" Double B-Side Singles" limited edition 8" vinyl

(Rabben Records, Norway, January 2020 • RABB003)

Mark Steiner & His Problems "Insomnia" split-single 7"

b/w Line Saus (featuring Mark Steiner) "Six Feet Under"

(Rabben Records, Norway, 2018 • RABB02)

Mark Steiner & His Problems

"SAUDADE" LP (CD & vinyl available)
(Rabben Records, Norway, 2014/2015 • RABB01)

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