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"Black Hole" is a song which has been in development for quite some time.
This is not just another dark track with slightly gloomy lyrics, but is
in fact as a reflection on some heavy personal past experience.

The central theme of these particular lyrics weigh directly on issues concerning mental health,

alongside other related challenges such as trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction.

Norwegian singer Ingunn Holmen and international swamp-rocker Mark Steiner first discovered each other during the pandemic, and have since then established this particular musical side project as a new shared venture to escape darker times from the past.








This composition first originated in 2020 when Mark was developing new songs in the studio with his band of ex-pats Mark Steiner & His Problems (including American drummer Ted Parsons of Prong, Swans, Godflesh, Killing Joke), Italian bassist Leon Muraglia of Radio 9, Salvatore, OMD, and British guitarist Romek Paluch-Edwards), and although the title itself quickly fell into place, another significant catalyst was required to allow the words to take seed and grow. It was then that Ingunn Holmen and her history of personal struggle came into the picture.

This new alternative “stripped down” interpretation of the song was made as part of an evolutionary process following the original full band version, which will be released separately in late 2023 as part of the new album bearing the same title, Black Hole,” by Mark Steiner & His Problems.

Ingunn and Mark have so far performed versions of this song live in Reykjavik, New York and Charleston, as well as in Berlin, Athens and Oslo together with violinist Pavel Cingl (ex-Snak
e Eaters, ex-Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons). The skilled Czech veteran has contributed to this song live and also recorded on both versions, and his talents have without a doubt lifted this single "Black Hole" to new heights.


"Black Hole" (Nebula version)cover photo by Arne Valen




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