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Mark Steiner & His Problems

"HANG ON! (Twin Flames)" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, October 2023 • RABB010)


Ingunn Holmen & Mark Steiner feat. Pavel Cingl

"Twin Flames (Celestial version)" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, August 2023 • RABB009)

KG Stave featuring Mark Steiner

"World's Gone Mad" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, June 2023 • RABB008)

Ingunn Holmen & Mark Steiner feat. Pavel Cingl

"Black Hole (Nebula version)" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, June 2023 • RABB007)

Mark Steiner & His Problems
"Black Hole" (Oblivion mix) digital single
(Rabben Records, Norway, May 2023 • RABB006)

from UKR2022: War Relief Compilation
(Hærverk Industrier, Norway, April 2022)

Mark Steiner & His Problems
"Syn" digital single

(Rabben Records, Norway, March 2022 • RABB005)

Mark Steiner & His Problems

"The Fuck-Up" & "Love Hate Love" digital singles

"The 8" Double B-Side Singles" limited edition 8" vinyl

(Rabben Records, Norway, January 2020 • RABB003)

Mark Steiner featuring Fríða Árnadóttir

"Nísj" digital single (new Icelandic language version)

(Rabben Records, Norway, January 2020 • RABB004)


Mark Steiner & His Problems "Insomnia" split-single 7"

b/w Line Saus (featuring Mark Steiner) "Six Feet Under"

(Rabben Records, Norway, 2018 • RABB02)

Line Saus "Down the Hole" digital EP

includes the single "Six Feet Under"

(Line Saus, 2018)

Mark Steiner & His Problems "Saudade" LP CD

(Plug Ugly Records, New York City, 2014 • PLUGLY01)

Mark Steiner & His Problems "Saudade"

limited edition gatefold 12" vinyl double-LP

(Rabben Records, Norway, 2015 • RABB01)


Mark Steiner "Broken" CD

(Stagger Records, France, 2009 • Stagg008)


Mark Steiner "Sea of Disappointment/Beautiful Thief"

limited edition gatefold 10" vinyl EP

(Stagger Records, France, 2009 • Stagg007)


Mark Steiner "Broken" / "Fallen Birds"

special edition 2-CD

(Z-Man Records, Australia, 2009)


Mark Steiner "Broken"

limited edition 12" vinyl LP

(Z-Man Records, Australia, 2009)


Mark Steiner "Little Fallen Birds"

limited edition gatefold 12" 180g vinyl EP
(Stagger Records, France, 2007 - Stagg004)

Mark Steiner "Fallen Birds" Mini LP CD

(Stagger Records, France, 2007 - Stagg003)



Puree of Heart
"Strange Times (in America)" digital single

(@PureeofHeart2020, 2020)

Line Saus featuring Mark Steiner

"Waltz in the Vapor" single

(FAJo Music, 2019)

Spy Society 99 "Die Punk, Die!" LP CD

featured guest vocal on the single "Where Have You Been?"

(SS99 Records, 2014)


Annette Gil "Desert Disco" LP CD / 12" vinyl

featured guest vocal on the single "One Day"

(MTG / Phonofile, Norway, 2013)


Oddpopp "Basement Sessions" LP CD

guest vocal on the single "Blue Highway"

(Voices of Wonder, Norway, 2013)


"A Tribute to Rowland S. Howard" CD Compilation
features "Silver Chain" (RSH, Genevieve McGuckin) performed by Mark Steiner

(Stagger Records, France, 2006)

"In Glorious Mono" CD Compilation
features "Reason" by Mark Steiner & The Debauchery

(Honeymilk Records, Norway, 2005)

The Mirror Reveals "The Undying Man" single
featuring Mark Steiner & Kit Messick on vocals,
from the album "Frames of Teknicolor"
(Middle Pillar Presents, 2000)

The Mirror Reveals "Moon's On Fire" single
featuring Mark Steiner on guest vocals,
from the album "This Infinite Eye"
(Middle Pillar Presents, 2004)

Piker Ryan's Folly "Eat 'Em Up Jack!" single
(released on Curse of the Hearse compilation, 1998)




Mark Steiner "Songs of New York"

limited edition compilation promo CD (Stagger Home 2003)

Piker Ryan's Folly "Bowery Blues" CD

(Spectre 2000)

Piker Ryan's Folly "Lowlife" CD - EP

(Spectre 1998)

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Double B-Side Singles digital cover WEB.

Mark Steiner "Sea of Disappointment/Beautiful Thief"

BEASTLY SIDE - Sea of Disappointment + hidden bonus track

BEAUTIFUL SIDE - Beautiful Thief + hidden bonus track

Limited Edition 10" vinyl EP w/ gatefold cover

(Stagger Records, France, 2010 • Stagg007)

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