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Hang On! (aka Twin Flames)

Both the music video and new single "Hang On! (Twin Flames)" were released digitally on Friday, 27. October!

This song is the official full-band version of the track "Hang On" (aka "Twin Flames") by Mark Steiner & His Problems, which will be featured on their upcoming 2024 album "Black Hole."

Featuring special guest vocalist Ingunn Holmen, the recording includes producer and bassist Leon Muraglia, legendary drummer
Ted Parsons, and guitarist Romek Paluch-Edwards, along with contributions by Czech violinist Pavel Cingl.

The lyrics of this particular song concern personal discovery, dreams, failure, reconstruction and hope.

Filmmaker Jean de Oliveira, who directed the "Insomnia" music video back in 2018, made a new, exciting music video for this track. If there is one song which might be a "hit single
" for this ragged lot, it'll certainly be "Hang On!"

Advanced reviews are already tumbling in... See below!



“‘Hang On! (Twin Flames)’ gives off a certain darkness and intimacy. Great prominence of guitar distortions that reminds us at times of the great David Bowie. It is emotional where the vocal harmonies and the choirs provide a lot of personality. The instrumental work is thick and elegant in equal measure, the result of careful musical production. In our opinion this is a good song that moves away from classic pop constructions but does not give up good melodies.”
- Full Level Rock Magazine

, Spain


“Well, what we can say about "Hang On!" ? Great track indeed. It's clearly a mix of influences but in the same time, with a unique result: catchy, strong.”

- Class of Sounds, Brazil

“Sounds vintage, galvanic and superb… Post-punk with well-defined and forceful guitars, and a sober voice with goth overtones. The choruses sound bright, precisely as if radiating a little light before the opaque and dark tone of the atmospheres, which gives a good balance to the track.”

- Sound & Vision MX, Mexico


“The energy is truly captivating. It's like a musical journey that takes us along winding and emotional paths, keeping us intrigued with each chord, each beat. The way ‘Hang On! (Twin Flames)’ manages to fuse different musical influences into a cohesive harmony is remarkable. It is clear that there is a deep passion for the music that drives every note, every arrangement. The instrumentation is rich and immersive, creating a soundscape that is both lush and introspective.”

- Punk Goes Pop, USA


“This new single is a masterpiece of rock music. First, because the whole sound penetrates one's soul. Second, because it never forgets to bring different moods on top of the active way of listening to it. It's like an earthquake waiting to happen, and a powerful call to wake up and confront the world and its difficulties.”

- Muséanima, France


“The sound is an emotional rollercoaster that immerses listeners in a captivating musical experience. The fusion of rock and experimental elements is a bold choice, taking you to the forefront of musical innovation. This song is a perfect example of how the past and present come together in an exciting sonic journey.”

- Indie Valley Music, USA

“Very interesting and attractive. I really like the singer's vocal tune. He has a powerful and impressive voice. Instrumental accompaniment is varied, rhythmic and I think the arrangement is perfect. The song has a rich variety of instruments and the arrangement suits the mood… Consider me as a fan!”

- Dreamy Paradise, USA


“Great Alt Pop that suits the 80s wonderfully well in Electro Rock, Pop Rock and even Darkwave. Really well performed and arranged.”

- I Don’t Hear a Single, UK


“A rolling track that ebbs and Flows. A really immersive track that rumbles on endlessly. Nice one.”

- David Yeliab, #BeyondtheBridge on Raw Radio

“A really nice atmospheric track with a rolling vocal and a very powerful rhythm. A distinct vocal and a real throwback track.”

- Ricky J. Spence, #RickysDailyBangers, UK


"Well made, good vocals"

- The Sound Lab, UK


“The song is mixed and mastered well. We appreciate the male female vocals. The fuzzy guitar work is well executed.”
- UpToHearMusic, USA


"It has new sounds… A very calm, dark and mysterious style."

- Revista Cacofonías, Colombia

“Really energetic song! Loved the interpretation… The dark mood is everything!”

- Rock Fueguino, Argentina


“The track is well-produced. Good pop-rock vibe has a nice upbeat, and the whole poem is pretty and quite relatable. Quite easy to listen to and the vocal elements definitely have a lot of quality.”

- Where the Music Meets, Portugal

"A wonderful energetic and powerful song. Those catchy vocals are just perfectly working with the energetic and classy instrumentals – all resulting in this exciting combination. Very nice release!”

- Weitblick Records, Germany


“Nice work! I love the direction… The grit of the instrumental, that powerful rumble.”

- Alt77, Sweden


"Achieves a fantastic balance between energy and attitude, making for a striking sound… We’re sure it will be well received"

- Various Small Flames, UK


“A big blend of blossoming 90s psych and post punk, with a moody atmosphere and steady vocal performance."

- We All Want Someone To Shout For, USA


“Warm intensive harmonies and vocals in this… Absolute solid work!”

- Ton Spion, Germany


“Very strong sounding, thanks to the harmonious combination of the musical line and charismatic vocals the song sounds mesmerizing!”

- Red Rabbit, Ukraine


“Cool song with very original harmonies and I really like the sound of the guitar, so full and epic… A really nice production.”

- PlaylistSubs, Czech Republic


"Powerful post punk, with certain hints of indie rock and dream pop"

- Plan Arteria, Ecuador


“Steady guitar presence and somber-feeling vocal nonchalance compels in the eerie escalation at the 2min turn, where the various vocal layers converge delectably”

- Obscure Sound, USA


“There is a virulence to the this troupe… Love the bluster. Fans of the Mission are going to love this.”

- mp3hugger, Ireland


"Very good production, and very well performed as well… The dark approach is very welcome, and we appreciate the overall energy the piece brings."
- Destroy//Exist, Greece


"Great energy here, the instrumentation sounds good and well-delivered.”

- Darkenin Heart, Greece


“Nice indie/post-punk track… Some dark wave vibes. Definitely decent songwriting and overall sound.”

- View Music Playlists, UK


“Growling, rock with moody vocals and classic dark vibe. Love the immersive nature of the arrangement… This is a distinctively heavy sound.”

- Catbear, UK


“Somewhere between Nick Cave, Scott Walker, and Orville Peck; a rumbling, brooding quality that added dark yet velvety quality to the song… A Bad Seeds / Neubauten feel.”

- Analogue Trash, UK


"Gothic rock noir sound, post-punk… Lovely "

- American Pancake, USA 

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